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Along with commercial printing, bindery/finishing expertise, and timely shipping and delivery, we also provide many other printing products and services to help you convey a clear and memorable message to your audience:

Since 1994, we’ve been the leading printer in Auburn, Montgomery, Tuskegee and now, our newest location in Wetumpka!

As a full-service printer, McQuick Printing Company handles everything for you, from strategy and design to four-color printing, digital printing, mailing and other printing services.

Our commitment to the printing industry warrants constant upgrades to our equipment in the effort to provide the best quality product. The team goal of our organization is to always provide the highest quality in the most timely manner, and at the best possible value to our customers. Keeping current with rapidly changing technology is the key to maintaining a competitive edge. At McQuick Printing Company, we believe that if you merge technology with skilled craftsmen, you position yourself to be an industry leader.

8 Pointers on Creating Effective Flyers

When it comes to marketing a business, there’s a slew of media platforms to consider. Today, we’re going to talk about a classic: flyers. 

A flyer that stands out from the crowd can cause your sales to either soar or droop. If you’re interested in creating an effective flyer that results in significant lead generation, check out these 8 useful tips.


1. Eye-Catching Headline

The headline is the first thing consumers see when they pick up your flyer. Be sure to use a catchy headline that’s interesting and pertinent to your business. A snappy headline that quickly tells customers what you do can be the difference in whether they keep reading or move on.


2. Colorful Graphics

It’s true: people love color. We look at images before we look at text, so throw in some colorful or striking graphics with your flyer. A stunning illustration grabs attention, creates a mood and supports your story. Graphics can even be used as focal points to draw consumers in.


3. Simple Design

When designing your flyer layout, simple is better. Organize the page with boxes, borders, bullets and areas of contrasting colors. Don’t be afraid of some white space, either. Make specific elements stand out and stick to the bare minimum for a clean and crisp design.


4. Relevant Information

Just like design, keep information minimal. The average human attention span is 8 seconds, so give viewers information quickly and concisely. Answer the 5 crucial W’s—who, what, when, where and why, then direct them to your phone or website for any more info they may want.


5. Personal Language

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and ask, “What would I want to know if I were them?” Be straightforward and practical, and be sure to use “you” language. If a consumer feels like you are personally talking to them, they’re more likely to respond positively to your flyer.


6. Useful Benefits

Use your flyer to tell consumers what benefits your company can provide them with. Viewers want to know how you can make their lives easier, so use this opportunity as a chance to tell customers why they should choose your business. 


7. Error-Free Writing

Proofread, proofread, proofread. Nothing can make your company look more unreliable than a grammar or spelling mistake that goes unnoticed. After designing the flyer, have at least one or two others read it over carefully for mistakes before sending it to print. 


8. Clear CTA

Finally, be sure to redirect customers back to your phone or website. Have a clear call to action that asks consumers to “Order now!” “Start a free trial!” or “Visit our website!” Keep words in the active voice so viewers are more inclined to interact with you and generate leads.


Marketing your company can be tricky, but mastering different mediums makes it easier. Set yourself apart from the crowd by using these 8 pointers to create effective flyers that generate client leads and grow your business.

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